About Us

Learn more about how we strive to partner, champion and pursue a "GOOD LIFE" for the individuals we serve.

Our Story

We understand the painstaking efforts associated with identifying quality caregivers for our loved ones living with one or more disabilities. Founder, Ms. Edith Glover, encountered a lack of quality caregivers during her family’s journey. When Lena, Edith’s mother, and Lyle’s grandmother could no longer care for Lyle, Edith ended her 35-year nursing career to provide loving full-time care for her autistic son, Lyle. Edith was aware other families were in similar situations, so she began a support network to share healthcare information she learned. 

In February of 2000, Ms. Glover’s love and care for others gave rise to LEL Home Services (LEL), a certified legal entity, and provider of Medicaid Waiver services in the State of Indiana and Metro area of New Mexico. Edith desires to assist, support and advocate for families with individuals living with disabilities. LEL offers a blend of services that are family, individual, community-centered, while focused on personal preference and informed choice.

Since the inception, LEL continues to identify service opportunities that improve the lives of the individuals we serve. We’ve added options for State Line Item Funded services, CHOICE services in various counties, and Department of Education Funded Services.

Our Vision

Inclusion without explanation!



Family partnership commitment


Integration freely given


Acceptance of individual diversity


Loving and loyal community supports


Meaningful growth


Yielding genuine servant leadership

LEL, the world leader, partnering with individuals who have disabilities, together with their families to champion opportunities for greater community presence in their pursuit of a GOOD LIFE.

Enough About Us

What About You?

If you are still unsure what is best for your loved one, get in touch so we can better understand your specific needs and let you know how we can help you. If you have something to offer, we are hiring.