Manager of Program Services (Tippecanoe County)


Manager of Program Services reports directly to the Regional Director of Client Services.  Each Manager of Program Services will work as a quality assurance liaison with Client(s), families, guardians, advocates, case managers, Direct Support Professionals (DSP), other service providers and community resources to create a cohesive support team for the success of each Client.  Each Manager of Program Services will have a specific caseload, specialized assignments and be assigned to a specific area of the state. Each Manager of Program Services will also:

  • Work closely with the Regional Director of Program Services, Manager of Client Information, and Human Resources to assure that the files of Direct Support Professionals and Clients are maintained in accordance with applicable laws and LEL’s Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Work closely with the Individualized Support Team (IST) in assessing the Client’s risks and assuring a plan is in place to address the Client’s identified risks.
  • Process quality assurance, complaint, incident and change of status reports and notify the appropriate parties with the reports.
  • Prepare, investigate and submit all Incident Reports for their assigned caseload.
  • Work with clients’ IST to prepare all clients’ goals.
  • Ensure that each of the following are reviewed and agreed upon by the IST at each quarterly meeting:
  •      -The appropriateness of services;
  •      -Risk assessments and the current risk plans;
  •      -The appropriateness of ISP goals;
  •      -Progress towards ISP/PCP goals;
  •      -The appropriateness of current medication as well as compliance;
  •      -Recent and upcoming medical appointments;
  •      -Health and safety of the Client;
  •      -Environmental assessment is updated every 60 days.
  • Review and ensure that all documentation required by applicable law and the LEL Maintenance of an LEL Client’s Personal File Policy are maintained in the Client’s Blue Book and copies are forwarded to the central office for the master file.
  • Provide other services as directed by LEL.


-Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with two years of related work experience.

-Minimum of two years’ management experience.

-Meets state’s criteria of a QIDP.

-Each Manager of Program Services must meet state criteria and is also a QA Coordinator.

-Experience and skills necessary to perform services listed above.

-Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills.

-Customer service orientated.

-Satisfies all requirements under applicable law.

-A positive and pleasant attitude.

-Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.

-Strong Organizational skills and close attention to detail.

-Strong problem-solving skills.

-Excellent written and oral communication skills.



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