families caring
for their disabled loved ones.

Founded out of necessity, LEL Home Services has been providing the support network and resources to families caring for their disabled loved ones full time for nearly 20 years and is a Medicaid Waiver Provider in the State of Indiana.

Who We Are

The Caring Human Services Organization

We understand the difficulties associated with finding quality care for a disabled loved one because Edith Glover, our founder, discovered a shortage of quality caregivers during her family’s journey. Due to this shortage, when the longtime caregiver of her son Lyle was no longer able care for him, she decided to end her 35 year nursing career to provide the appropriate care for Lyle full-time. Along the way she became aware of many other families in similar situations and began LEL Home Services as a support network to share knowledge she had acquired.

Now a Medicaid Waiver Provider with the State of Indiana, our mission is to enable you and your family to care for your loved one by offering a blend of services that are family, individual, and extended-family centered and based upon personal preference and informed choice.

What We Do

Individually Customized Services

Offering a Family Model

Hiring staff that the family decides will be the primary provider for the client and providing them with the necessary tools to gain employment.

Providing State Required Training of Direct Support Staff

Providing in home online training, personal specific training (CPI)

Promoting Health & Wellness

Influencing quality and safety across the healthcare continuum.

Delivering Person-Centered Services

Focusing on client needs, culture, preferences and abilities that are directed to achieve community presence, community participation and relationship building and those that foster choice, respect and competence.

Our Founder

Meet Mrs. Glover

We understand that every one of our clients represents a family unit that is stronger together with the proper training and support. Hear why Mrs. Glover founded LEL Home Services in her own words.

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Enough About Us

What Can We Do For You?

If you’re still unsure what is best for your loved one, get in touch so we can better understand your specific needs and let you know how we can help you. Or, if you have something to offer, we are hiring.