IMMEDIATE OPENING: Direct Support Professional

February 12, 2019 | News

Job Description

The Direct Support Professional (DSP) provides hands-on care to assigned Client(s). Each DSP must satisfy all requirements of the DSP Requirements Policy; Criminal History and Background Policy and the Training Procedure. Each DSP must comply with applicable laws, the LEL Policies and Procedures Manual and support LEL’s Mission and Vision. Maintain accurate time records of all time worked and submit these time records at the end of each work shift through LEL’s approved time keeping method.

Reports to: Service Coordinator

Direct Support Professional will:

  • Be responsible for implementing the services outlined in their respective Client(s) ISP.
  • Be timely in the completion and submission of documentation regarding the daily activities and progress of the Client(s) per LEL policies.
  • Arrive in a timely manner to begin scheduled work shift and call Service Coordinator, or Regional Director and Client/family to report late arrival or absence.
  • Submit all work schedules in a timely manner per LEL policies.
  • Notify Service Coordinator or Regional Director of ANY changes in schedule.
  • Provide support services per hours designated in Client’s NOA.
  • Review LEL Bulletin Board messages on a regular basis but no less than once per week.
  • Encourage the Client(s) to participate fully, offer choices and options, encourage the Client(s) to use existing skills, assist with tasks, housekeeping chores, meal preparation and help the Client(s) engage in their communities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide services in accordance with the Client(s) ISP
  • Provide a safe environment for the Client(s) with disabilities being served.
  • Provide services in the Client(s) residence, being respectful of their environment, family and family culture.
  • As appropriate, and when requested by Client(s) and their families, assist in any activities of daily living (“ADL”).
  • Be involved in all areas of the Client(s) daily activities, as appropriate, to enable the Client(s) to feel safe, engaged and unconditionally valued, and to return unconditional value towards others.
  • Supervise and participate in leisure activities and field trips with Client(s), transport Client(s) programs in the DSPs vehicle.
  • Ensure that a cell phone is immediately available anytime transporting a client or accompanying a client in the community.
  • Implement the Client(s) programs and collect related data.
  • As appropriate, and when requested by Client(s) and their families, assist in preparing food per established guidelines and menus.
  • Perform, on a limited and appropriate basis, routine property maintenance and housekeeping for Client(s), including general cleaning and laundry.
  • Attend continuing education training, meetings, workshops and updates in the field of developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental health, LifeCourse, quality of life, and all mandated training required by applicable law and LEL Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensure that LEL has accurate/current personal contact information. Return all messages left through the means designated within twenty-four (24) hours of their receipt.
  • Provide LEL Service Coordinators or Regional Directors with access to Client(s) in the Clients’ place of residence within twenty-four (24) hours of a request from supervisor.
  • Provide other services as directed by LEL. 


  • Meets all Direct Support Professional Requirements (See Direct Support Professional Requirements Policy) and Criminal History and Background Policy requirements. 
  • Provides or cooperates with LEL in obtaining all documentation required by law and LEL’s Personnel File Requirements policy.
  • Completes all training as directed by LEL and LEL’s Training Procedure.
  • Committed to serving and improving the quality of life for Client(s)/families with developmental, physical or mental disabilities.
  • Kind, compassionate and caring nature.
  • High school graduate or possess a general equivalency diploma preferred.
  • Able to work evenings, weekends and flexible hours as assigned by LEL.
  • Knowledge of intellectual disabilities, mental health, human behavior, gentle teaching, quality of life and relationships.
  • Able to develop and maintain positive working relationships with other service providers, families and Client(s).
  • Maturity ad judgment to work with materials of a confidential nature.  

Physical Requirements

  1. Regularly
    1. Speak
    2. Hear (both in person and using a telephone)
    3. Sit
    4. Use hands to manipulate, handle or feel
    5. Reach with hands and arms
    6. Lift and/or move up to five (5) pounds 
    7. Operate a non-commercial automobile for distances up to 500 miles.
  2. Frequently
    1. Stand, walk, stoop or kneel
    2. Lift and/or move up to ten (10) pounds.
  3. Occasionally
    1. Climb and/or straddle
    2. Lift and/or move up to twenty (20) pounds.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to Client(s) residences in
which the noise levels are usually moderate and outside weather conditions.