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April 16, 2021 | Community, Engage Newsletter, Events, News


ICEBREAKERS – Randy and Olivia came up with the icebreaker questions this week, which helped us learned about each other’s preferences.

LEARNING AND DISCUSSION ~ This week we focused on being in sync and what that means in friendships and on teams.  We had fun sharing videos that made us laugh, National Big Wind Day, and had fun with National Take a Wild Guess Day!
We learned about the Titanic and took a tour to remember those whose lives were lost- Synchronize
We also learned the difference between Hard Work versus Talent, and how important it is to work toward your goals

FUNNIES ~ Baby Says Mama
Kids Say Funny Things
I didn’t Poop, I peed

KARAOKE ~ I want it that Way
The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

EXERCISE ~ Yoga with Adriene
Find the Gnome
5 Minute Mood Booster

VIRTUAL GAMES ~ Lunch with Friends had fun with Guess Who? with Jessica and we also played Bingo!
Guess The Movie

RECIPES~ Spiral Ham in a Crock Pot


CHECK OUT this video made by our amazing friends at Carter’s Play Place!  April is Autism Acceptance Month!


Chris living his best life deep sea fishing!! What does your Good Life look like? If you have a story to share with us about living your best life, send to Joe Foster at

Virtual groups for the week of April 19-23, 2021

Monday– Lunch with Friends ~ 11:30am (9:30am New Mexico)

Bingo with Jessica ~ 3:30pm (1:30pm New Mexico)

Tuesday– Spanish Club ~ 10:00am (8am New Mexico) Hola! Learn basic Spanish and have some fun with Olga, Jubilee and Danneika.

Sign Language with Brenda and Sarah~11am (9am New Mexico)

Dance Fit for All with Tierre ~ 4:30pm (2:30pm New Mexico) 

Wednesday– Dance the Day Away with Tammy ~ 11:00am (9am New Mexico)
Join Tammy to have some fun while doing “Sweating to the Oldies” with Richard Simmons.

Dollars and Sense ~ 12pm (10am New Mexico)

30 Minutes of YOGA and Health 3pm (1pm New Mexico)

Pictionary~ 3:30pm (1:30pm New Mexico) 

Cup Stacking Club ~ 4:45pm (2:45pm New Mexico) 

Thursday– Indy Action Club ~ 10:00am (8am New Mexico)

Exploring Grief with Kat ~ 4:30pm (2:30pm New Mexico)
This group was initiated by Kat to address grief in a healthy way! It will be co-led by LEL staff.

Friday– Move and Groove ~ 1:00pm (11am New Mexico)

Karaoke Night with Randy ~ 6:30pm (4:30pm New Mexico)

If you have any questions regarding LEL’s Engage events or have an idea for a new event, please contact